We are #jecomdisseny

We offer you a 360 in communication

Communication is a powerful tool in creating a call to action!

Value creation, aligning narratives, objectives, behaviors and recommendations.

Our team designs and executes innovative strategies online and offline, in order to support your company's connection with the public.

Corporate transformation means a cultural change that is only possible by enhancing and developing internal communication.

We ensure that none of your business needs are left hanging.

We carefully execute a consistent graphic line following the guidance previously established in the strategy.

We are #anissa

another way of advertising

As we are committed to make the world an extraordinary place, we have created a communication line where we work together with young people with Down syndrome and the autistic spectrum.

These young people help us see advertising from a totally different point of view and generate synergy with the creatives, which translates into a fresh and innovating design.

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